Justice League Review

Well, we’re finally here. DC have been building their cinematic universe since 2013 with Man Of Steel and now, 3 films later, the Justice League have finally arrived on the big screen. Many fans have been waiting years to see this huge team up but it hasn’t gotten here without it’s fair share of issues. This film has been in production for what seems like a lifetime, facing a lot of uncertainty. Unfortunately Zack Snyder’s daughter passed away earlier this year, meaning he had to step away from the film. Joss Whedon then came in to finish the film up but then this only came with more doubt as Whedon ordered re-shoots and re-writes of the film. Two directors with two very different styles continued to put fans on edge in anticipation for this film, can DC turn their luck around and pull off what seems to be a miracle at this point?

I’m going to start this review off with the negatives, just like the film. The first 20 minutes of the film are very rough, very. The introduction of Aquaman is awful, I was really unimpressed at how lazy it was done. Things get moving very quickly in the film and it just feels a bit disjointed, like you’ve missed something. The films opens like a Zack Snyder film but the tone bounces around through a lot of what seems to be Whedon dialogue. You can also tell what scenes have been re-shot early on, especially when Batman is recruiting Aquaman. In terms of re-shoots, a lot of this movie seems to have been changed, you can tell when something has been cut or altered. A lot of Superman’s scenes feel re-shot, the characters doesn’t feel like Snyder’s interpretation at all. Other negatives to note would be the dialogue. It’s very cheesy and lazy a lot of the time but there are a few cheesy line that will leave you smiling. For a film with a budget of around $300m, the special effects are awful for the most part. There are some scenes which have clearly been there from the start and had time and effort put into them but for the most part it looks poor.

While messy in all sorts of ways, Justice League still offers up a lot of fun. The majority of this comes through the heroes, they’re great. Everyone is incredibly likable and they all have their role in the team which gives them an added incentive. Everyone turns in a great performance and adds something of their own to their characters. Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller are the most notable standouts. I feel Jason Momoa could of been given something more to do with his talent as I feel he added some much needed joy to the film.

Speaking of joy, most people will notice the amount of jokes in this film. I’m not sure whether this was Whedon or not but either way, I liked it. Yes, there were jokes that didn’t land but that is the case with almost everything that uses comedy. I believe that there were times when a joke really wasn’t needed, but it added a new side to the film which a lot of people have been asking for. It allowed people to have fun with the film, especially Ezra Miller’s Flash who was hilarious.

I liked the action in this film, it’s style is different from Marvel and provides something of a more raw nature. While the villain the team faced wasn’t much of a threat, it was still fun seeing the team in action and an awesome sight to see when they all came together for the first time.

Overall, Justice League was a slightly fun mess. I don’t know where DC will go from here, I don’t think it’s dead but something does need to change. Justice league is a combination of two extremes, it’s all over the place but it has some redeeming qualities with the fun it offers.



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