Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review

After the brilliant “Kingsman: The Secret Service”, I couldn’t wait for this sequel. The original brought something new to the spy genre while simultaneously taking the piss out of it as well. The style and action just felt so fresh and looked amazing. This combined with Matthew Vaughn’s bizarre creativity made it all the more fun to watch. With the first installment getting a lot of praise and the sequel picking up a lot of buzz, Kingsman: The Golden Circle was always going to need to be bigger in order to try and one up the original. When it was announced the likes of Channing Tatum, Halle Berry and Jeff Bridges were signing on expectations continued to grow so the only question left, is can Kingsman: The Golden Circle pull off its tag line of being, “a proper spy movie”?

Straight off the bat Kingsman 2 starts with an action sequence (like all good action movies do!) and it is amazing. It perfectly demonstrates how Matthew Vaughn likes to film his action and it’s even more creative and ridiculously entertaining than what we saw in the original. While I have praised the way action is done in films such as John Wick and Atomic Blonde, watching Kingsman 2 has actually made me realise that I prefer the way it’s done in this film. There’s no doubt I enjoy not having shakey cam with my action but Matthew Vaughn does it in such a way that I don’t care, I can only simply sit there and be amazed at the truly over the top, astonishing choreography.

The big change in this sequel is The Statesman, American cousins to The Kingsman. This helps take the film in the fresh direction it needs while keeping true to what made the original so great. With this comes new characters, new locations (including Glastonbury of all places), new gadgets and new dynamics for the already established characters. Watching the ways of life of Americans and the English clash was always hilarious to watch. I was worried that the two styles wouldn’t mix but they absolute do, both countries are portrayed as true as you can in a film with Eggsy nailing both the etiquette of a chav and a gentleman.

At this moment in time, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is currently rated at 57% on Rotten Tomatoes. To me, this is ridiculous, most of the reviews criticise the lack of creativity as well as calling it out for being too over the top, which in a way really contradicts their point. I think the creativity of the series is better then ever here and while I do agree that it does go over the top, that’s what made the first film so good!!! That’s the point of Kingsman, to mock the spy genre due to how serious it takes itself. If It didn’t go over the top then the action loses its appeal, watching Pedro Pascal swing people around a bar with a bloody skipping rope does not work in the slightest without being outrageously over the top. I think critics saying this film forgot what made its predecessor so great need to have a rethink themselves at what made the original so good. I will agree with any comments over the whole Elton John thing though.

This film boasts a star studded cast and the film is very well acted throughout. Taron Egerton has really defined himself with the character of Eggsy and is definitely the best character the film has. Colin Firth made a return for this sequel much to my delight, his presence gives the film the confidence it needs to pull off the things it wants. Mark Strong is given more to do this time around and is perfectly fine. In terms of the new additions, Jeff Bridges plays a minor part as I expected, Halle Berry gets a decent amount of screentime but not much development and Pedro Pascal gets a bucket load and helps mix the two nations together along with playing his own part in the story. Channing Tatum is barley in this movie, he has few scenes early on but is then put out of commission. The ending seems to set his character up for a big part in the third film but unfortunately he doesn’t add anything here. I really liked Julianne Moore as the Villain, she always seemed in control and powerful, even at the end.

Overall I absolutely loved this film, simple as that. You can’t help but be drawn in by the amazing action and easily loveable style. The film is fast paced and hits you scene after scene with either a stunning  action scene, a hilarious interaction or a dramatic moment, you are always engaged. I would say this goes above and beyond its predecessor with flying colours and I can’t wait for the third installment.



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