Game Of Thrones Season 7 Review

I managed to finish my binge of Game Of Thrones just in time for season 7 to start back in July. After managing to drag myself through the poor first two seasons, I actually began to really enjoy it and the trailer for season 7 got me very hyped. I know I put it in my last Game Of Thrones article but I’m gonna do it again because it’s just so awesome.

Knowing this was the beginning of the end, I expected things to start finally coming together and for the stakes to rise higher than ever before. With a limited number of episodes this season, fans expected the show to make up for it by delivering everything that GOT has become known for but with the added challenge of trying to up their game once more.

I wasn’t a fan of the first episode, Dragonstone, the beginning and ending were great but the majority of the episode was very dull and little happened in terms of plot. I know this episode was meant to just slip everyone back into the world of the show but that doesn’t change the fact it was mediocre at best. With that said, this episode made me very worried for the rest of the season, with only 6 episodes left, things really needed to pick up speed.

Stormborn was more of the same but it served an actual purpose, setting up the events of the season. It set the stage for Jon Snow and Dany to meet, Arya returning to Winterfell and Cersei’s new plan to remain on the throne. The rest of the season has a set course and is based around Jon trying to convince Dany to help him fight the White Walkers all while her armies take on Lannister forces in the battle for Westeros.

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Things moved very fast in this season. While a lot of people were annoyed at characters travelling so fast around the country, I found it to be an absolute relief. What I hated most about season 2 was how long it took for characters to get places, it was so slow and boring. I think the writers knew they had to do this with a seven episode season. This also cut out pretty much all filler as there simply wasn’t the time for it.

I praised the action element of the show in my earlier article and it got even better in season 7. The battle at the end of episode 4, The Spoils Of War, is probably THE best I have ever seen. I highly recommend watching the behind the scenes video on it, it’s how a big action scene should be done:

The range of characters isn’t a problem at all this time around as most of the characters are now working towards the same cause so a lot of them are in and around the same places. There was a lot of first meetings and reunions in this season which were fun to see and added to the epic feel. As i only finished catching up a number of days before the season started I probably didn’t get the payoff as much as fans who have been waiting 6 years for these meetings but nonetheless they were still great to see.

In my previous article on Game Of Thrones I talked about how despite what people say, barely any MAIN characters actually die in the show and I think people have started to realise that as barely any characters died at all in this season. The only character of significance to die this season was littlefinger and that had been coming for sometime now. I’m unsure whether the showrunners will have the balls to start killing off MAIN characters next season as the show comes to a close but I think we still have one big shock awaiting us.

In terms of what I didn’t like about the season It comes back to the number of episodes. HBO trimmed the season due to how much it was costing them in production and actor’s wages. Game of Thrones is HBO’s biggest show so I really don’t see why they would risk this, I think it’s a bit of a middle finger to the fans. Now I’m all for quality over quantity but this leads me to my next negative. Due to the shortened season, some characters were given nowhere near enough screen time which leads to underdeveloped plots and character development which results in bad payoff. This was the problem back in season 2 except that was due to too many characters whereas season 7 doesn’t give the characters it has left enough time to do things. Bran, who we have watched over the last 6 seasons go on this journey of becoming the three eyed raven, gets about 10 minutes in total throughout the whole season at a time when he’s needed most. I mean i don’t like Bran (because fuck Bran) but come on, season 8 needs to be better at this. The other thing I didn’t like was the plot involving Sansa, Arya and littlefinger. It was so predictable, weird and run of the mill, something that Game Of Thrones constantly gets praised for not doing. Although I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if the show actually gets praised for being run of the mill here.

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However despite these problems, season 7 of Game Of Thrones was great. You can’t help but be swept up by the story and how it uses the world around it. The easily likeable characters make it so easy to be enticed by what’s on offer and the way the show pits them against one another is something that is not only rare but very hard to do. The way the story builds itself makes the payoff of the big moments that much better, and after six seasons there were a lot of things years in the making. The episodes, “Beyond The Wall” and “The Dragon and The Wolf” have immense payoffs for its big (and I mean FUCKING BIG) moments. Not only would they be jaw dropping and complete game changers on their own but with the six year long build up with the white walkers and the characters themselves, these moments hit you even harder.

Season 8 is going to have 6 episodes so my concern with screen time is even bigger. However with the way season 7 finished, it’s most likely going to focus on 2 major plot points rather than 4 or 5, so there’s that. I’d be fairly comfortable with saying season 7 is the best season of Game Of Thrones so far and hopefully season 8 can also go one better. The last episode of season 7 sets season 8 up perfectly and it looks like its going to be absolute mayhem!



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