The Emoji Movie Review

This is where we are at, the Emoji movie. No original ideas, big blockbusters or story telling masterpieces, no, we get the Emoji Movie. I thought it surely couldn’t be that bad, but it is, it really is. This film is a big advertisement for Twitter, YouTube and Candy Crush. The jokes are on a level that not even a little kid would find funny and are truly cringeworthy, especially when you realise that the film itself actually thinks it’s being funny.

The Emoji Movie is about a meh emoji who can’t be meh so the smiler emoji tries to delete him because remember, being different is wrong! So meh teams up with high five and….. I can’t do this, I can’t believe I’m actually typing this shit.

The Emoji movie isn’t the worst thing I have ever seen, but it’s close, like I’d say it’s #4 on my list. The only thing that makes it watchable in the slightest is the voice acting. TJ Miller, James Cordon, Anna Farris and Sir Patrick Stewart……. who plays the shit Emoji. (Internally screaming).

I fully expect we’ll see a fucking fidget spinner movie in the years to come because crap like this will always make money.




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