The Dark Tower Review

Yet another Stephen King adaptation has hit the big screen! Based on the best selling book series, many were hyped to see The Gunslinger and Man In Black brought to life. With great castings in Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, can The Dark Tower live up to it’s high expectations.

First thing that I thought when The Dark Tower finished was, “that was too short”. I wanted more, which can be good in a sense but I wasn’t completely satisfied with what I got. The Dark Tower feels very rushed, especially the ending. There was so much more this movie could have done, the endless worlds weren’t even explored in the slightest and the ones we did get were barely scratched upon. 

However there was a lot I liked about this movie in the 90 minutes I did get. The concept and theme is right up my alley, I love the whole jumping across worlds thing, it presents endless opportunities as to where the story can go.

The two leads in this film are brilliant, Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey are great. Elba is an easily likeable lead and you can see that he has a lot hidden behind his eyes. McConaughey is clearly loving the part of the Man In Black and truly relishes in the role even if he does seem a bit rapey at times.

I love the style of action in this film. As you would expect, The Gunslinger is an expert in well…. guns. So watching him take out endless enemies in cool and stylish ways with his revolvers is a joy to watch. The same goes for The Man In Black when it comes to his powers. Watching him just go around and tell people to stop breathing only for them to actually do it helps add a comedic side to the film. Another thing that contributes to that is the fish out of water situation, similar to what I saw in Wonder Woman back in June. When The Gunslinger comes to Earth it’s fun to see him react to things such as hospitals, gun shops and just the city of New York in general.

Overall I really enjoyed The Dark Tower from the castings to the action to the story. I’m not sure where this franchise will go next, it might get a sequel but the box office and critical response may shut that down before it even gets started. There’s news of a possible TV show, which will serve as a back story for the film. I’d personally be fine with either just so long as it actually happens. If we do manage to get either a sequel or a show, I just hope that we get more of what was teased in this movie because the possibilities are truly endless.


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