The Flash Season 3 Review

The Flash returned for its third season back in October after a five month wait from its huge cliffhanger at the end of season 2. Barry faced a new threat this season which put an interesting new twist on the formula of the show.  There was plenty event episodes this season which allowed the story to take a different turn without feeling out of place and enjoyable at the same time. The regular cast returned along with a few new faces as they faced their own personal battles throughout giving the show more to focus on than what the title might suggest.

After saving his mother from being killed by Eobard Thawne at the end of season 2, season 3 starts with Barry/The Flash in the new time line he has created for himself where everything is perfect. When Barry begins losing all his memories from his past life he has to go back in time and allow his mother to be killed. This is where the show shines in terms of the emotional side that is pushed very prominently on the show. Now while “flashpoint” only lasts for one episode, it has repercussions that last until the very last episode of the season.

When Barry returns to the original timeline, while most things are the same, there are a few things that have changed. This allows Tom Felton (Draco from Harry Potter) to be introduced into the show as he comes to join team Flash, Barry has to repair his broken family as well as his relationship with Cisco, and Caitlin now has the powers of her Earth 2 double ganger, Killer Frost. Wally West finally gets his speed powers to and Cisco develops his even further. Along with all this, Barry has to deal with his new main threat, another evil speedster in Savitar.

As opposed to the main villains in the previous two seasons, Savitar is saved for the most part In season 3, making his screen time that much more important. This limited screen time allows the other storylines I mentioned earlier to be focussed on more, leaving nothing underdeveloped. Savitar is the best villain yet, no one can match the epic feeling that you get when Savitar appears on screen or the intimidation when he speaks. Straight from the get go he feels unstoppable which can only bode well for the show.

What makes Savitar even more threatening is the revelation that he is from the future, he knows every move the team is going to make. When Barry is thrust into the future in an attempt to stop Savitar, he sees him murder his girlfriend Iris, this then sets up the rest of the season as the team must do everything in their power to change the future. The team must change multiple events leading up to Iris’s death, which include stopping Caitlin from turning into Killer Frost. This possess interesting scenarios as you’re always wondering what effects their actions could have on the future. The anticipation builds up with every episode as we get closer and closer to Iris’s death with Savitar constantly looming. The show uses the fact Savitar is from the future to its advantage by setting out some prostheses which gives the audience another thing to look forward to as the season moves forward, wondering which characters will fulfill them.

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Something that has always been a major point of each season is the reveal of the villain. This season had a different feel to it however, as the villain was actually a future version of Barry. Through this we are told how Barry comes to be Savitar but no matter how many times it’s told or expanded upon, it never makes that much sense seeing as he’s only hurting himself.

To my surprise, when the day of Iris’s death actually comes along, the team fail to prevent it. The shock pays off and the loss is truly felt. It doesn’t stop there though as it’s revealed in the season finale that it was actually HR (My favourite character, unfortunately) who had been killed by taking Iris’s place. This completes his arc perfectly as he finally proves he’s not a coward by making the ultimate sacrifice. Despite having very strong build up, the final battle and Savitar’s death fall flat in the season finale, not giving the series the end it deserved.

The series leaves off on another cliffhanger with Barry having to take up Savitars place in the speed force. Fans are already wondering how Barry will manage to get out of this, enough to carry them over to October. While Killer Frost came to the teams aid in the end she has decided to go off on her own which will be another thing to look out for when the show returns.

Fan favourite characters make appearances during the season such as The Green Arrow, Supergirl, Captain Cold, Jesse Quick and Gypsy, giving certain episodes a special feel. The four part crossover event which also included the Legends was a personal highlight.

The disappointing ending wasn’t enough to bring the season down due to the strong build up it had since the very first episode. The strong cast of characters were still able to make the few mundane episodes enjoyable, showing how good the cast truly is. Without a doubt they drive the whole series forward and make the show what it is due to their great personalities and strong story arcs.


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